Flight of the Raptor

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Flight of the raptor is beauty of flight designed to educate, enlighten, and sometimes even amaze our audiences. Many thousands have seen our programs and return year after year to sometimes just visit the birds and enjoy the beauty of the flight.

rayandnaomiFlight of the Raptor was officially founded in 1995 by Ray Pena, Master Falconer. His love for birds began when he was just a young boy of 15 keeping homing pigeons in New York City. He became fascinated by the airborne predators that pursued and eventually killed some of his charges. He began a lifelong journey that brought him to his mentor, Heinz Meng, a renowned expert on falcons and one of the most influential people in the project to save the peregrine falcon from extinction.

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scan0004Ray passed his love for these creatures along to his daughter, Jennifer Pena, who after taking her first steps on the flying fields, became a master falconer as well.


SJA_0010Sharron Montgomery, a former raptor rehabilitator has joined the team in 2010 and is presently a general class falconer.



The mission of our programs is to instill wonder into our audiences by helping them to understand the vital importance of these magnificent creatures to our natural world by demonstrating the beauty of free flight and how these birds behave in their natural habitat. The cornerstone of our program is our birds and we have a large cast of both falcons and hawks for our programs.We invite you to explore our website, learn, and come to love these birds as we do. As we work to expand the information, please feel free to drop us a line at the form below or call if you are interested in booking a nature program, a renaissance or native american falconry show, or appearance in some other capacity. We look forward to seeing you!



Flight of the Raptor phone 850-408-0010 

Jennifer (New York and immediate area) 845-853-3979

For email correspondence flightoftheraptor@gmail.com



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